There is a great Africa beyond Covid-19!

Prof. PLO Lumumba, Immediate Former Director and CEO, The Kenya School of Law, spoke from his heart and mind challenging participants to think through several thought-provoking questions and statements. 

“Is there a possibility without taking away the science that God is sending us a message? If you want to doubt me has there ever been a virus whose effect has been to shut the whole world down? Is Divinity not telling us there is something wrong in the way we have been conducting ourselves? This is a moment for reflection. For the first time we are looking for African solutions to African problems. If there is a silver lining in the cloud which is called COVID, it is the silver lining of self-realization, self-recognition, recognition that we must exorcise the ghost of low self-esteem, recognizing that our long-term health and well being, recognizing it requires us to work as one unit, and there is a sense of harmony between spirituality and science. The virus is alive and well and it behooves us to behave in a disciplined manner. 

The fundamental question is, what and how will Africans behave going forward? Has COVID created an environment where we think differently? 

Africans around the world are saying that going forward we must do things differently! We need to be masters of our own future in areas of medicine, pharmaceuticals, technology, food production, education, trade, and electricity production. COVID has given us the time and opportunity to reflect. I look at a different Africa post-COVID. An Africa that is confident, that believes in ourselves, has the faith that she can achieve, that Africa, is a beautiful Africa. Our only duty is to play our part because history and wisdom tell us that we must only plant the tree, water it, and the next generation will enjoy the shade. 

There is a great Africa beyond COVID!”

How the story of one man’s transformation has many parallels with the anticipated transformation of Africa.

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