Call to Prayer—November 17, 2020

AFReG Call to Prayer 

The African Forum on Religion and Government (AFReG) calls on all Christians to increase our prayers as a faith community dialoguing on “African Identity, Dignity and Justice in the 21st Century.” This week, Tuesday, November 17, 2020, our theme is “Faithfulness.” 

Read 1 Corinthians 4:1-2

…Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful

We base our devotion on this simple verse that is included in Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth. Referring to the mysteries of the Gospel that had been entrusted to him (1 Corinthians 4:1), he exhorts all who have given this trust to prove faithful.  Throughout this letter, he demonstrates how Christ, and what He did on our behalf on the cross, has its application in the different issues that were ailing the church in his day—ones very similar to those we face today; divisions and factions around leaders of the day, sexual immorality, liberalities around food, wrong administration in worship gatherings and the wrong or limited concept of the resurrection. The key focus of this letter is to help Christians see and live life through the lens of the Gospel.  We are called as Christ’s followers, and especially as leaders, to remain faithful in living this out and setting pace for those in our spheres of influence.  

Let us acknowledge that we have been given a trust, a great economy—Christ and all He accomplished for us on the cross.  How is this Gospel administered in our lives, through the relationships we have, in the utilization of our talents, gifts and graces, the material wealth we have, our vocational opportunities and through all of our life experiences? All these must serve as conduits through which the Gospel is advanced. As people see our faithful stewardship of all that has been entrusted to us, they will be inspired to follow suit. 

Three important considerations in remaining faithful—the where from, the why and the how: 1) the acknowledgment of the trust and where it is from, 2) the purpose for which the trust has been given, and lastly, 3) the means by which we remain faithful through the vicissitudes of life. Let us look at each of these briefly. 

We must acknowledge that all we have been given comes from God.  I Corinthians 4:7 would remind us—For who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not? An attitude of humility and thankfulness is inevitable when we contemplate everything God has freely given us in Christ Jesus. When we realize it is God who is calling us to remain faithful, we must arise to this call. 

The purpose for the trust that we have been given is to experience God for ourselves and express Him in love and service to others. Beginning with a faithful adherence to and application of this trust in our own lives, we go on like Paul to help others see and live life through the lens of the Gospel. As they experience the truth of God’s word in every area of their lives and live according to it, they come into the fulfillment of God’s promises in their lives. Faithfulness is manifested as a fruit of the Spirit. 

Finally, the how is demonstrated by Jesus’ life here on earth. His life of faithful obedience to God’s will; remaining true and steadfast to the trust he had been given, sets the pattern for us. In laying down His life for all mankind—His death and resurrection for the dead, gives us the wherewithal from within to follow this example of faithfulness. The resurrection power of Christ is at work within us and a victor’s crown is promised to the ones remain faithful even to the point of death (Revelation 2:11). 


Lord God, thank you that you so loved us that you gave your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us. Thank you for the promise of eternal life through faith in Him. Thank you for this great salvation.  

Lord God, help us remain faithful to the cause of living out this Gospel and helping others do the same. 

May the Church in Africa be the stronger as we take our place in faithfully holding up the word of truth in every sphere of leadership to the end that true human dignity, justice and righteousness will become a reality in Africa.  


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