Call to Prayer—May 26, 2020

The African Forum on Religion and Government (AFReG) calls on all Christians to increase our prayers in this era of COVID-19. “Therefore confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). We trust that everyone is praying. Every week on Monday a devotional and some prayer points will be posted, so that on Tuesday we can use them as resources to unite our hearts in prayer.


This week, Tuesday, May 26, 2020, our theme is “The Sanctity of Life.”

Genesis 4:10. “And He said, ‘What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground.’” God created and owns all human life and therefore has the right to demand accountability for all blood spilled outside the confines of just cause. Exodus 21:12-14 is clear on the death penalty for premeditated murder. As Africans, we are guilty of bloodshed on several counts that we must repent of:


  1. The Slave Trade that saw millions die from capture to ship and during the passage across the seas. Although they don’t always know it, their descendants are still asking “Why did this happen?”

  2. We have since killed more in wars, genocides, and other conflicts leaving over 14 million internally displaced and therefore vulnerable.

  3. Africa has 52 million orphans, one quarter of the world’s orphan population.

  4. Fifteen percent of all pregnancies in Africa are terminated through abortions.

  5. Poor governance, corruption, unemployment, droughts, famines and disease are all man-caused by greed that has killed many of Africa’s sons and daughters.

“You shall not murder” (Exodus 10:13). Life in Africa can be very cheap, but we cross this line to our peril and invite the wrath of God. Pray for repentance, cleansing and restoration on each of the above. Pray for the restoration of the fear of God and His Word.

Prayer Points


God made life; it is sacred and precious. He formed the man from the dust and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living creature (Genesis 2:7). He formed our inward parts; we were knitted together in the womb (Psalm 139:13).

We worship You our God who created human life in Your image and likeness to bring You glory and praise. You made us humans a little lower than Yourself and crowned us with glory and honor. You gave us charge over everything You made…O Lord, our Lord, Your majestic name fills the earth (Psalm 8:1)!


We admit that we have not esteemed the precious gift of life God has given to us. We have treated it as cheap, expendable, and often of little worth when we don’t stand to gain from it. Forgive us, Lord.

Through acts of wickedness carried out by our ancestors, our leaders, our contemporaries and ourselves, we have spilled the blood of innocent lives. Lord, we repent.

As a result of poor stewardship of our resources, relationships and our positions of influence, lives have been lost. Forgive us, Lord.

For ways in which we have turned the other way, when we could have intervened to save life like the good Samaritan. Lord, have mercy on us.


For the gift of life God has given us and for eternal life provided us through God’s grace; the gift of salvation God makes available through faith in Jesus Christ.

For life and opportunities God gives us to experience His fullness in our lives in whatever state we find ourselves.

For God’s life-giving Spirit that is at work in us to redeem us and restore our fear of God and His Word.

For the awakening that has come through this pandemic to help people realize that mankind is not in control and their need of God for this life and beyond.



  1. The upcoming AFReG Webinars for God’s anointing on each speaker, good flow of the program, many people drawn to zealously connect and engage, desired outcomes and good follow-up. Pray against any technology glitches, confusion of any kind and lethargy in follow- through. We commit to You the first Webinar on Wednesday, June 10, which will focus on health and medical dimensions of this current time.

  2. Decree an end to the COVID-19 Pandemic (Job 22:28).

  3. Healing for the sick and dying (1Peter 2:23-25).

  4. Protection for the frontline workers and their families – medical staff, hospital chaplains, and other essential service providers in high risk areas.

  5. Comfort for those who have lost loved ones (2 Corinthians 1:3, 4).

  6. Leadership in this crisis and decisions being made that will not be unfavorable to the advancement of the Kingdom of God (Psalm 21:1-3), but will thwart the agenda of the kingdom of darkness and the schemes of the enemy.

  7. The Church to arise at this time and take every opportunity to engage in the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandments. (Ephesians 5:16, Mathew 28:18-20, Luke 10:25-37). Your Kingdom come, Oh Lord, and Your will be done in and through Your Church as it is in heaven.

  8. The recovery of the continent of Africa post COVID-19 Pandemic; that we would indeed ARISE.

We declare that Africa believes in the SANCTITY OF LIFE; that human life is created in the image and likeness of God and is to be respected and protected. We therefore declare that, by the help of God:



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