September 22, 2020—Call to Prayer

The African Forum on Religion and Government (AFReG) calls on all Christians to increase our prayers as a faith community dialoguing on “African Identity, Dignity and Justice in the 21st Century.” This Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020, our theme is “God’s Grace”. Grace as seen in the Scriptures: “A spiritual gift or attainment. Something received freely from God, Divine favor or good will.” Grace is something we all need but none of us deserves. God’s grace pours out of His heart of overflowing love for us.

Ephesians 1 4:17 tells us that God has great love for us and has mercy on us. God offers to us the opportunity to become part of His family… He will adopt us if we accept Him. This is all part of the grace that these passages talk about, we don’t really deserve to become part of God’s family, but He offers it anyway because we are His heart and He loves us (undeserved love/favor).

  1. We are saved because of God’s grace: Ephesians 1:6-8 & 2:5-8
  2. We are called by His grace into His service: Ephesians 3:7-8 & 4:7
  3. We are called to live grace-filled lives. Ephesians 4:17

Christians are all part of one huge family that belongs to God. We are adopted into His Family and enjoy the rewards that come with being part of God’s family, all because of the love of God. If we would only learn about God’s grace, we wouldn’t try to lift ourselves on a pedestal, neither would we be swift to judge another.

James 4:6 But he gives more grace. Wherefore he says, God resists the proud, but gives grace unto the humble.

The natural, inborn spirit of man is full of lust and envy, and it ever drives him into deeper depths of sin if it is allowed to go unchecked. We need the grace of God to overcome that sin nature, and that’s what James says God is good at—giving grace.

God’s grace is freely given to His children. You don’t find much grace in the world. It’s a man eat man world out there with every man for himself most of the time, but in God’s kingdom, His grace is sufficient for all of us.

Everyday people in the world are begging for grace, but all they get is more condemnation and judgmental attitudes. God gives us His marvelous grace, unmerited favor, undeserved love and compassion. That’s just something you don’t find in the world. God scorns the scorners and rejects those that trust in themselves and their own righteousness. He rewards the humble, those that will bow before Him and serve Him willfully.

God is so good to His people James 4:7—When we submit ourselves to God and learn to be content in Him, life can be so much simpler and more enjoyable. We need to learn to leave it all in God’s hands, especially during this time of COVID-19.


God has saved every believer by His grace. He has given each of us a ministry through His grace. Therefore, He calls upon us to live lives characterized by grace; to live graciously by living for others.


Thank you, God, that You are able to make all grace abound toward us so that we, always having all sufficiency in all things, have an abundance for every good work. May our lives overflow with the grace of God in every way.

Forgive us where we have not graciously looked after one another and therefore failed to receive the grace of God. Where we walked in injustice and judgmentally, forgive us Lord.

Help us to walk humbly with You and with one another in love so as to fulfill the law of Christ.


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