AFReG 4 Documentary Video

2-5 October 2017

Elmina, Ghana

About 230 people representing 31 countries gathered together at Elmina, Ghana, from 2-5 October 2017, for the Fourth African Forum on Religion and Government (AFReG 4). Of the about 230 participants, 31 were African Americans or African Caribbean. The breakdown of participating countries from outside of Africa are USA, Guyana, Jamaica, Haiti, Netherlands, Singapore, UK, and Uruguay.

The theme for AFReG 4 was Africans Rising Together.

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The challenge now for us at AFReG in this time in the shadow of Elmina Castle is to concretize this aspirational entity and to make it a force for good and for development on the continent.

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Boateng of Akyem and Wembley DI., formerly Chief Secretary to Her Majesty’s Treasury and U. K. High Commissioner to South Africa