COVID-19 Economic Impact and Implications for Africa​

AFReG: African Forum on Religion and Government is hosting a series of webinars on the theme of “The Impacts and Implications of COVID-19 and Africa’s Response.” 

The webinar brought together experts from different countries and backgrounds. 

Questions/Areas of topics addressed by the panelists were:

  • Africa and the Coronavirus Challenge: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Continent
  • Approaches for Africa’s Economic Resilience
  • A Macro-Perspective of History in Africa and What Will Africa Do with This Reset Moment?
  • What the Gospel is and Africa’s Place in History

Dr. Rogers Dhliwayo, Economics Adviser/Senior Economist, UNDP Kenya Country Office, presented a comprehensive description of the consequences of the pandemic, including the economic and social  impact on  African nations. He also spoke on relevant responses for leaders to make for both the short-term and long-term future.

Ms. Georgia Simpson, Founder, The Corporate Clinic Jamaica and Director, Operation Save Jamaica, described lessons to learn from COVID-19 and responses to make in the present as well as for the mid to long term. She shared principles of resilience together with external and internal strategies for recovery and economic growth post-COVID-19. 

Mr. Pete Ondeng, Chief Operations Officer, Life In Abundance International, Kenya stimulated participants’ thinking by asking several provocative questions. He stated that Africa is at a Reset Moment. What narrative drives the decisions we make in Africa? Where do we get the information and what considerations do we give? It is time for Africa to be liberated from the systemic rules and structures that have held the continent back for hundreds of years. It is time for change!

Bishop Ngwiza Mnkandla, Director, Africa Region, Dawn Ministries, Church Planter (London) gave a biblical and theological perspective on the Good News of Christ that provides both vertical and horizontal reconciliation. He spoke on Africa’s strong place in the biblical narrative and on understanding God’s heart for the poor and how the Church should respond to their needs.

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WEBINAR IV: ​Vision of a New Africa​ on July 1, 2020, at at

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Despite the economic, social, and spiritual upheaval caused by the current COVID-19 global pandemic, this webinar is designed to present the opportunities available now and in a post COVID-19 environment. It is designed to present new and challenging perspectives and paradigms to help leaders navigate the new landscape on the continent.

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We are very grateful for our moderators Colonel Daryl Jones (Ret.) and Lt. Col. Martha Stevenson-Jones (Ret.)

AFReG team