AFReG Prayer Connections

AFReG’s “prayer connection times” provide a wonderful opportunity for God’s people to gather around the throne of God on matters that affect our nations in the continent of Africa and those in the Diaspora. During the prayer times ahead, we will engage nationally so that, certain nations will be featured. We will highlight critical issues in the nation, providing a country background, and status update. The national leader would then invite us as the AFReG community to join in prayer for their country. The front end of the prayer time would have a time of adoration, praise and worship before going into the country specifics. Prayer points will be prepared by the AFReG national leader. The AFReG moderator will close out our prayer time and we will end end the time with the “I See A New Africa” music video.


The desired outcomes of the Prayer Connections are:

  • To raise a sense of unity across our continent and with those in the Diaspora.
  • To understand what the real national issues are beyond what the media chooses to highlight so that we carry a burden for our brothers and sisters across the continent and beyond and to pray with understanding.
  • As we bring these issues earnestly before God in faith – we will see things change – His Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven.

Format: Zoom coordinated by the AFReG secretariat.

Timing: Approximately one hour.

Previous Prayer Connections Video Recordings